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Portfolio Strategy & Management

We will employ our deep understanding of your thoughts and feelings about your financial assets as we build a customized portfolio that is right for you, giving primary consideration to your cash flow needs.  Click here for our most recent Market Update.

man on pierOur portfolio strategies are grounded in sound risk management, recognizing that preserving the purchasing power of your assets is of primary importance. No one firm can be a master of all investment strategies.  Using a combination of internal management and outside money managers, we create a portfolio based on your needs and objectives. 

Our seasoned portfolio managers are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence, maintaining deep knowledge of current macroeconomic conditions and the resulting ramifications for your portfolio.

We adhere to a disciplined investment process.  We have access to the best research available, and continually monitor the assets that are entrusted to us.

We place emphasis on tax efficiency in your portfolio.  After-tax returns are what matters to you.

We take a global view.  Our global asset allocation strategy is intended to broaden opportunities for investment return while mitigating overall portfolio risk.

We understand the importance of transparency and liquidity.  We use investment vehicles that you can understand and that have traditional market liquidity, giving us flexibility to respond to market opportunities as well as challenges in a timely manner.

We will regularly report results to you.  We will be proactive in our communication with you, sharing our thoughts on market conditions and outlook.  We will report our results in comparison with established benchmarks and in comparison with your overall long-term objectives.

For more information, please contact Brian Barker or Charles Williams

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