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We work together with your team to determine which level of service is best suited to create and maintain the right investment management environment for your company and its employees.


woman in blue dressOur three Core Service levels differ primarily in regards to investment decision-making:

  • Investment Provider - We assess your overall investment needs and provide access to an array of specialized investment products and provide educational support which helps you understand the investment related concepts, terminology, and services available, while leaving the final decision-making to your plan's Committee or Trustee. This is our most basic fiduciary service level.
  • Advisor - We become an advisor and fiduciary to the plan by providing specific investment advice tailored to your plan regarding the selection and implementation of investment products and services, leaving the final decision-making to your plan's Committee or Trustee.
  • Manager - In our most comprehensive service, our Trust professionals actually manage your plan’s investments, functioning as full, discretionary fiduciaries, taking into account your preferences and the investment policies we establish together. Our professionals will utilize their skill and experience to achieve our best investment results on a risk-adjusted return basis, giving due consideration to the fiduciary standards we must meet.
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