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Business Checking Accounts

We believe in you and your business. It may be small, it may be quite large. Whatever the size, it's big to you. SCBT can help you keep the banking end of things simple.

man in suit and tieFree Business Checking

A free no-nonsense account for small to mid-sized business owners wanting to save money.

Business Checking

This account was created for businesses with higher transaction levels. The balance maintained can help offset fees.

Business Interest Checking

Ideal for sole proprietors or certain non-profit agencies, this account lets you earn interest and credits to offset fees. 

Community Checking

Designed exclusively for non-profits, churches and associations, this is the ideal low-cost money management option.

Community Checking Plus

Designed exclusively for larger non-profits that maintain higher balances.

Business Sweep

Ideal for business accounts, including corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations, to automatically earn interest on excess cash – an effortless way to earn the most on your profits.


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