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SCBT Privacy Statement

couple on beachRegardless of changes in technology and information, SCBT has always been-and will continue to be-committed to the principles of customer privacy. We understand that when you open an account with us, apply for a loan, or deal with us or one of our affiliated companies in any way, we ask you to provide us with private financial and personal information.

We honor the trust you place in us by maintaining the confidentiality and accuracy of that information, and we use it in manners consistent with the confidence you have placed in us. We will uphold both the letter and the spirit of federal and state laws as they relate to this important issue.

The information contained within this Privacy Statement applies to all current and future affiliated companies of First Financial Holdings, Inc. References to “we”, “our,” “us,” “affiliates,” “branch offices” are applicable to SCBT.

Click here for our Privacy Brochure 

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time by posting a new privacy policy brochure.

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